Food Tour Pros Student Survey (#1)

We’re trying to understand the impact that Food Tour Pros has had with our Student’s Food Tour Businesses, as well as find areas for improvement while continuing to expand the Food Tour Industry.

By completing this form, Food Tour Pros will send you a One-Page Report on the state of the Food Tour industry including how you compare to the “average” Food Tour Pros Student. The more accurate the information that you can provide will help immensely in our efforts in putting together statistical data points that are fair and balanced. We recommend using any in-house / 3rd party ticketing service reporting tools to aid you in providing accurate information.

Thank you for taking the time to share your progress with us!

Note: To ensure your total privacy, your answers will be grouped together with those of others who completed the same survey and the information you provide will be used for statistical and analytical purposes only. We will not share your Survey results with any third party.

  • About You

  • The Calendar will automatically appear; but you can enter your birth date directly using the MM/DD/YYYY format on your keyboard.
  • About Your Tour

  • i.e. 1,000,000
  • (MM/DD/YYYY format)*
  • (MM/DD/YYYY format)*
  • Do not include any additional, ongoing maintenance fees since website went live. Only costs/fees associated with the website build-out through launch. i.e. 2,500.00
  • Be precise- Total time from selecting your website developer or team (project start date) until your business website was live and online (launch date)?
  • Please DO NOT INCLUDE any FTP Course related expenses; i.e. Course fees, travel accommodations and FTP Website Solutions if you purchased from FTP.
  • Please enter a number between 1 and 12.
  • Your Sales Information

    i.e. If you run on average 10 tours a week and 6 of them are operated on Saturday & Sunday, then approximately 60% of your tours each week are run on the weekends only.
  • i.e. 16 tickets max
  • Marketing Information

    It may be difficult to collect this information, it's okay to make an estimate!
  • Your Food Tour Pros Experience

  • i.e. April, 2010
  • Exclude travel and accommodation fees