Food Tour Website Design Solutions

We've redesigned the Website Solution from the ground up and it's now available to you!

Upgrade your site to the new Food Tour Pros Website Solution (FTP WS) and enjoy a new site filled with improved security, design and more.

New Features Include

Desktop, Mobile & Tablet Access

The new FTP WS allows for a tailored viewing experience across a multitude of devices including desktop machines, tablets and mobile devices.

Better Content Management

New admin setup makes it easier to add/update the content you want; including drag & drop functionality for photos, FAQs & more.

Faster Page Speeds

The testing and redevelopment of website processes has seen an increase in page download speeds of up to 300%* in some cases.

New Social Media Options

Social media is an integral part of connecting with users. The new core allows for Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, YouTube, Trip Advisor, Instagram & Pinterest!

Color Schemes

Change the look and feel of your site instantly by choosing a different color scheme from your new options panel.

Receive Future Updates

Get new color schemes, security/coding improvements as part of your continued website support with one of our maintenance packages.

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Drag & Drop Functionality

Don't like that question or photo being last? Don't worry about trying to "number" items in order anymore like the old core. Take advantage of a visual drag & drop system to move items into their proper place.

Design Upgrades

Based on website statistical data from, we've taken their redesign and made it available to you. New callout buttons, upgraded "quick nav" and the ability to set background patterns and choose new site colors.

Upgraded Security

Keeping your site free of spam and secure from hackers remains among some of our top priorities. This core update includes a number of updated security procedures and new measures put in place to help keep your site protected.

Preview the new core at:

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This upgrade is available to all current Food Tour Pros website solution students for only $500!**

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For a limited time this upgrade is available for only $500, as opposed to the standard rate billed at $600. Contact us today!


If you're not comfortable jumping into the upgrade, or would like to talk with someone from the tech team before upgrading, please email us at

* On certain pages at optimal testing times. ** Regular pricing is $600, available cheaper for a limited time.