"This course is a must
for anyone planning
a Food Tour Business."
- Joe Haedrich, Saratoga Springs Food Tours

2-Day Course for New Business Owners


Food Tour Pros incorporates its vast experience, marketing strategies and business processes into practical lessons and step-by-step modules that you will be able to replicate in a Food Tour Business anywhere. Leveraging our seasoned expertise and simple tools, our Courses includes both Classroom and Hands-On Training within a limited class size to ensure all Students get the personal attention required to succeed.


It’s important to avoid many of the common pitfalls and mistakes inherent to starting a new business by avoiding wasteful trial and error tactics that are financially draining. This Course offers a detailed road map on how to build, operate and grow a successful and scalable Food Tour Business by leveraging our Best Practices and focusing on the proven methods to help you provide value the first time. Food Tour Pros strategically guides Students to understanding the business of Food Tours while systematically navigating them through all Tour Experience techniques, Marketing tools and Operational details.


Food Tours are an attractive lifestyle business and extremely fun and rewarding to own, not to mention they have serious profit potential with low overhead costs. Whether brand new to Business Ownership or a seasoned Entrepreneur, Food Tour Pros Courses are critical for anyone interested in operating a Food Tour Business looking for an immediate impact on sales growth while laying down the foundation for continued, long-term success. The 2-Day Course is ideal for anyone interested in operating a Food Tour Business initially on a limited basis or whose obligations or budget prohibits attending the 3-Day Course.


  • Food Tour Pros™ 2-Day New Business Owner Course Workbook™ and Handbook™
  • Chicago Food Tour Interactive Training
  • Classroom and Hands-On Training in Chicago (2 Full Days)
  • Attendance by Multiple Participants from Same Business
  • Ratio of 1 Instructor to a Maximum 8 Students
  • 3 FREE Hours of Post-Course Consulting Time
  • Access to Additional Solutions and Products
  • Upgrade to ADVANCED Course (Includes On-Site Location Visit in Your City)
  • Question and Answer Sessions
  • Role Playing
  • Certificate of Completion

Course Topics

  • From Idea to Grand Opening
  • Planning and Creating a Tour Route
  • Identifying, Approaching and Securing Tasting Locations
  • Pricing Your Tour Experience
  • Becoming an Employer
  • Identifying, Interviewing and Training Tour Guides
  • Employee Wages and Benefits
  • Business Management Essentials
  • Securing Appropriate Website Domain(s)
  • Building Your Business Website and Storefront (Learn More)
  • Website Content Fundamentals
  • Ticketing and Business Management Software
  • Procuring Customer Feedback
  • Business Operations and Processes
  • Templates and Forms
  • Gift Certificates
  • Private Group Tours
  • Short Term Marketing Strategies (Traditional & Internet)
  • Customer and Vendor Service
  • Business Checklists
  • Growing Your Business


“The Food Tour Pros Course is a must for anyone planning a food tour business. I took the Course at the end of April and was up and running on July 1st that same year. The Courses cover everything you need to know, and lots of stuff you didn’t think you needed to know. Just the material is 2” thick in the Course books, and are worth its weight in gold. I have referred to them many times since!”

Joe Haedrich

“Food Tour Pros interactive and fun Course is extremely effective in helping you build a solid foundation to your food tour business. Food Tour Pros guides you to think strategically about the direction of your business and to systematically navigate through all the operational details. The best part? Food Tour Pros continues to work with me as I build my tours.”

Cecilia Leung

“We did ourselves a big favor by investing in this Course. We avoided having to spend valuable time and money learning lessons the hard way through trial and error. Food Tour Pros hands you the road map and the owner’s manual, but it was up to us to drive the car. I am certain that we got up and going a lot faster and are now in a more stable position to grow our business.”

Kenny Dunn

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