"This course offered a detailed road map on how to build my current business into a more successful, scalable food tour business."
- Michelle Ng, Vancouver Foodie Tours

2-Day Course for Current Business Owners


Food Tour Pros incorporates its vast experience, marketing strategies and business processes into practical lessons and step-by-step modules that you will be able to replicate in a Food Tour Business anywhere. Leveraging our seasoned expertise and simple tools, our Courses includes both Classroom and Hands-On Training within a limited class size to ensure all Students get the personal attention required to succeed.


It’s important to avoid many of the common pitfalls and mistakes inherent to starting a new business by avoiding wasteful trial and error tactics that are financially draining. This Course offers a detailed road map on how to build, operate and grow a successful and scalable Food Tour Business by leveraging our Best Practices and focusing on the proven methods to help you provide value the first time. Food Tour Pros strategically guides Students to understanding the business of Food Tours while systematically navigating them through all Tour Experience techniques, Marketing tools and Operational details.


Food Tours are a wonderful lifestyle business and extremely rewarding to own, not to mention they have serious profit potential and low overhead costs. Food Tour Pros Courses are critical for anyone already owning a Food Tour Business looking for an immediate impact on revenue growth while expanding on the current foundation for new and improved results. While covering the entire 3-Day Course curriculum and contents in an expedited fashion, the 2-Day Current Business Owner Course enables existing food tour owners and operators a one-on-one, two-day Training Course with no additional attendees directly in your business location. Food Tour Pros will tailor the Course specifically to meet your business needs and goals while applying practical wisdom and expertise to your Food Tour Business first-hand to help take your brand to the next level.


  • Food Tour Pros™ 3-Day Current Business Owner Course Workbook™ and Handbook™
  • Classroom and Hands-On Training in Your City Location (2 Full Days)
  • Attendance by Multiple Participants from Current Business Owner(s)
  • Limited to Current Business Owner(s) and Instructor only
  • 5 FREE Hours of Post-Course Consulting Time
  • Access to Additional Solutions and Products
  • Question and Answer Sessions
  • Role Playing
  • Certificate of Completion

Course Topics

  • Modifying Existing Tour Route(s)
  • Planning and Creating New Tour Route(s)
  • Business Naming
  • Identifying, Approaching and Securing Tasting Locations
  • Appropriately Pricing Your Tour Experience
  • Business Entity Review
  • Being an Employer
  • Identifying, Interviewing and Training Tour Guides
  • Employee Wages and Benefits
  • Business Management and Insurance
  • Securing Appropriate Website Domain(s)
  • Building Your Business Website and Storefront (Learn More)
  • Website Content Fundamentals and Strategy
  • Ticketing and Business Management Software
  • Procuring Customer Feedback
  • Business Operations and Processes
  • Employer/Employee Forms and Templates
  • Gift Certificates & Private Group Tours
  • Short & Long Term Marketing Strategies
  • Customer and Vendor Service
  • Business Checklists
  • Growing Your Business


“I took a Course with Food Tour Pros and found it immensely invaluable! They offered a detailed road map on how to build my current business into a more successful, scalable food tour business in Vancouver. I would highly recommend it to anyone wishing to learn the industry’s best practices, avoid common pitfalls, and create a successful food tour business.”

Michelle Ng

“The knowledge and advice of Food Tour Pros surpassed our expectations of the course. The Handbook and Coursebook materials have become our Bible for all things in our Food Tour Business. We are able to confidently make important business decisions effecting the growth and success of our business based on the years of experience that Food Tour Pros shared during the Course.”

Kelly Woodward

“Food Tour Pros gave us great advice on how to streamline our operations, make the most out of our advertising budget, and enhance our tour experience. We saw immediate results after implementing their recommendations. They truly are “Pros” of this industry.”

Jessica Kleiderman

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