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How to Pitch a Story in The Food Tourism Industry

‘Newspapers B&W (4)‘ by Jon S, via Flickr, CC BY 2.0 This month we’re digging into some of the tips we learned at the first Global Food Tourism Conference, covering some of the press tips shared by Akila McConnell, Owner of Atlanta Food...
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Global Food Tourism Conference: 6 Questions with Savor Seattle CEO Angela Shen

Angela Shen, CEO and Founder of the award-winning Savor Seattle food tours, will be speaking at the first Global Food Tourism Conference on Oct 19-20 in Chicago, IL. We sat down with Angela for a quick interview on her experience in the food tourism industry....
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How To Write The Perfect Tour Script

The best tour scripts don’t feel as if they’ve been written by anyone at all, but the cruel irony to effortless sounding, entertaining scripts is that they take a lot of hard work to write and develop. Creating, improving and refining your script...
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Q&A With Erin Eubank of Taste of Catalina Food Tours

Welcome to the first in our series of Q&A’s with our Food Tour Pros students and food tour operators from around the world. We’ll be going in-depth to learn about their experience in starting a business and being involved in local tourism....
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5 Easy Ways to Fill Your Tour Company Blog Calendar

Image Source: ‘Business Calendar & Schedule‘ by Flickr user photosteve101 under CC BY 2.0. By this point if you own a tour company or tour business, are just starting out or planning to launch a new business soon you’ve been hammered...
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February Round Up: Tourism Reports, Trends & Insights

In the past month we’ve been keeping up on everything tourism and culinary tourism related, by jumping on every article, news and free report we can. Below we’re going to go through some of what we think is worth checking out from this month. These...
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