Second-Act Careers Are The New First Careers

Here at Food Tour Pros we encounter a lot of new business owners each year in our Courses. A variety of people come to us to start their food tours, including men, women and couples young and old. Among the the group though, we’ve realized that people...
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How To Write The Perfect Tour Script

The best tour scripts don’t feel as if they’ve been written by anyone at all, but the cruel irony to effortless sounding, entertaining scripts is that they take a lot of hard work to write and develop. Creating, improving and refining your script...
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February Round Up: Tourism Reports, Trends & Insights

In the past month we’ve been keeping up on everything tourism and culinary tourism related, by jumping on every article, news and free report we can. Below we’re going to go through some of what we think is worth checking out from this month. These...
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Using a Unique Hashtag For Your Tourism Business

Since social media has become a large part of our everyday lives it has trickled down and effected tourism and food experiences. While vacations, travel and food exploration used to be something you did, it’s also now something people with their friends...
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Keeping Your Business Relevant During A Tourism Off-Season

Image source: ‘Mary Arden’s House‘ by Elliott Brown via Flickr, CC BY 2.o Being a seasonal business owner of a walking Food Tour company in Chicago, the bitter winter months mean shutting down culinary tours until the warm weather returns....
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10 Reasons You Need a Blog Writer

Content has always been king, and today, that is no different. An online presence is more than just a collection of information about your company. It’s an engaging experience that helps connect your readers with information they may find interesting...
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