10 Reasons You Need a Blog Writer

10 Reasons You Need a Blog Writer

Content has always been king, and today, that is no different. An online presence is more than just a collection of information about your company. It’s an engaging experience that helps connect your readers with information they may find interesting from within your industry.

#1) The Cornerstone of Online Marketing

Content marketing is online marketing. In the world of “selling”, it’s important to establish trust while garnering interest. A blog written specifically for your content, in your industry, will promote sharing across social networks, trust in your brand and faith in your product.

#2) Increased Visibility

Blog posts are an easy way to create an audience and directly connect with them. Food tour businesses, in particular, have an array of topics to keep users intrigued. These blog posts get shared on sites like Facebook and Twitter, leading people back to your blog, on your site, promoting your product.

#3) Get the Right People to Your Site

Simply putting up a website chocked full of good page titles and descriptions isn’t enough to help a business grow these days. Marketing efforts need to be taken to help promote the brand and further the product. A lot of businesses default to the usage of paid services like Google Ads, or Google AdWords. Though this may be driving people to your site, when you’re paying-per-click, it’s hard to tell whether it’s the right people.

#4) Stronger Organic Search Engine Rankings

There are two ways to use search engine optimization to help drive more traffic to your site. A paid service, or what’s referred to as “organic search engine rankings”. Organic search engine rankings are achieved through proper website structures, effective page titles, keyword focused URL strings, speed, back-links and more. A blog will help you achieve better organic rankings by giving Google exactly what it’s asking for; credible, fresh content.

#5) Permanent Search Results

Every blog written for your site is a permanent fixture that will live on your domain with the chance of being searched at any point in the future. Because you’re not running for a cost-per-click campaign, it will not cost a penny in advertising when people click to read the original content your site is providing. They will simply be brought to your site.

#6) Building Referral Traffic

There are two primary methods for building referral traffic. The first is by having other websites link to your website. This can be in the form of a different blogger writing about what a fantastic time they had on your tour and linking back to your site, or any other means of linking to your website from theirs. The second, is by acquiring social media referrals, shares and links.

Fore more information about building these back-links, you can click on this referral link to an article entitled “5 Quick Tips to Increase Referral Traffic“. And that’s how referral links are created.

#7) Offer Shareable Content

As consumers of online content ourselves, we’re more than happy to share the things that peak our interest. Product-based websites can only provide so much in terms of focused messaging — that should be guiding your user towards making a purchase. Your blog is the chance to show a little more personality through both text and pictures. Creating content your users will find more appealing to share than simply “I took this tour.”

#8) Prompt Users for Interaction

The product-based site your Food Tour is created upon doesn’t leave much room for interaction. And people? People love to be heard. Increasing the amount of articles your site offers increases the chances of gaining interaction. Good blog articles have personality, an opinion they stand behind and prompt users to contribute to the discussion. Sometimes leading them into commenting with a question at the end of the article.

#9) Consistency for Growth and Credibility

Let’s say you’re doing some research, comparing a couple companies against each other. You stumble to their blog section and see that the last blog post was from November 2013. Starts to make you question whether or not they’re still in business a little, doesn’t it?

“Nothing else on the site has dates, maybe the whole site is this old?”

Having a regularly updated blog is a constant source for website growth and can help maintain your brand’s image.

#10) Create Multiple Entry Points

If you think of every new article as a single root on a tree, every article offers new opportunity for your website to grow stronger. The more you spread these roots, the stronger your tree can become. In the digital world, where your website is your tree, every blog offers a new means for a user to find your site.

By adding new blog articles, you’re adding new search terms, new pieces of interest, new articles and images to be shared across social networks. Investing in a great content producer will be one of your best sources of getting more leads and customers. Sign up for our content creation services today and get started on building a stronger online foundation for your Food Tour site.

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